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-Album Details-
XenobladeX Original Soundtrack

Title: Xenoblade X Original Soundtrack
Publisher: DEFstar Records
Catalog Number: DFCL-2135~8
Release Date: May 20, 2015
Ripped by: Andvari

Here's the soundtrack to the game Xenoblade X for the Nintendo Wii U it's considered a spiritual successor to Xenoblade on the Wii. The way the titles were on the tracklist were different I used the Romanji tagging instead.

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posted by Andvari on 13 September


comment #1

wow! great releases of late :) Thank you :)

comment posted by XenoHazard on 13 September

comment #2

Came in here to say that too. Glad to see some activity. Thanks.

comment posted by SuperFamicom on 13 September

comment #3

Thank you

comment posted by davidd on 13 September

comment #4

Thank you!

comment posted by ichigo on 14 September

comment #5

About darn time. I was waiting for you guys to torrent this album.

comment posted by Del Keyes on 16 September

comment #6


comment posted by Novistador on 16 September

comment #7


comment posted by Iloveyou on 17 September

comment #8

Thanks for the upload but download link is missing though.

comment posted by Madsamurai on 18 September

comment #9

Thank you for the hard work!

comment posted by OpTicaL on 21 September

comment #10

I wish wiiu had the option to put the music I want, like some game sin xbox and 360.
that way, I would change this drilling noisy soundtrack to the original soundtrack of the first game. Soundtrack of this game makes me have a reason to not touch the game. Who the hell decided Sawano for this?
I can't stand his music .... AT ALL!!!!

comment posted by MadderHatter on 21 September

comment #11

The song Kuro no Tairiku seam badly encoded, or is the noise part of the music? Is it like that on the original CD?


comment posted by AsakuraYoh on 16 December

comment #12

All that scratching is part of the track, blame Sawano-san.

comment posted by dancey on 16 December

comment #13


comment posted by Spectrum on 30 November

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