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Final Fight Original Sound Collection

-Album Details-

Title: Final Fight Original Sound Collection
Publisher: City Connection
Catalog Number: CDGM-10026
Release Date: December 20th, 2014
Ripped by: dancey


Box set for a bunch of Final Fight games! Note: credits were only given for Final Fight AC, which is only 1/3 of Disc 1. The rest are tagged as Capcom Sound Team Alph Lyra, because thanks Capcom!

Purchase Link(s)

Clarice Disc

posted by dancey on 16 December


comment #1

the sound team is not Alph Lyra it is Alph Layla (1001 nights in arabic)

comment posted by 7md on 17 December

comment #2

No, it's Alph Lyla, or Alph Lyra, or Capcom Sound Team Alph Lyra, or Alph Lyra wa Lyra. It's [i]derived[/i] from Alph Layla, not actually Alph Layla.


comment posted by dancey on 17 December

comment #3

Good old memories... yeah the band names differ depending on the era (member changes, logos, etc.)

Excellent collections. thanks dancey!

comment posted by Travers on 18 December

comment #4

Under Scitron/PC they were Alfh-Lyra. Under Sony, they were (Capcom Sound Team) Alph-Lyla/Lyra. Basically, messy Engrish translation that kind of muddled whatever name they meant to go for.

comment posted by XISM on 18 December

comment #5

Will you guys get the Tales of Zestiria OST? Pretty decent tunes on that one.

comment posted by Lion on 18 December

comment #6

Not me! #nomotoi

comment posted by dancey on 19 December

comment #7

Thanks! Glad to have Final Fight 3 music in particular.

comment posted by Jason on 25 December

comment #8

thank u!!

comment posted by al on 29 June

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