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Okami Henkyokushuu Vol.4 Healing

-Album Details-

Title: Okami Henkyokushuu Vol.4 Healing
Publisher: Suleputer
Catalog Number: CPCA-10390
Release Date: December 16h, 2015
Ripped by: v1le


Yet another Okami arrange album! Relaxing arrangements made with a variety of instruments such as piano, flute and guitar.

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posted by v1le on 16 January


comment #1

Many thanks ^^

comment posted by Skull Face on 16 January

comment #2

Nice, I had no idea there was a fourth one in the making.

comment posted by Anon on 16 January

comment #3

This series is pretty good. My favorite so far is the lounge. Thanks!

comment posted by Jason on 16 January

comment #4

It keeps coming!? XD

comment posted by ichigo on 16 January

comment #5

Thank you

comment posted by davidd on 17 January

comment #6

Thank you! Wonderfully soothing. I like these arrange/remixed releases from Japan. Please keep them coming :) Any word of when you will release 7th Dragon III?

comment posted by laffco on 18 January

comment #7

laffco, would be a spoiler to say do we release it or not. Keep visiting the site, thank you. x)

comment posted by v1le on 18 January

comment #8

Hehe, greatness! Almost everyday since 2007 :P

comment posted by laffco on 18 January

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