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Oboromuramasa Genrokukaikitan Original Soundtrack

-Album Details-

Title: Oboromuramasa Genrokukaikitan Original Soundtrack
Publisher: Basiscape
Catalog Number: BSPE-1054~5
Release Date: November 30th, 2015
Ripped by: dancey


I don't have anything good to say about this album and I fully regret purchasing it but I hope someone else enjoys it :).

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posted by dancey on 27 January


comment #1

Many thanks for the share.

comment posted by DualArms on 27 January

comment #2

Thank you very much, let's give it a try.

comment posted by Zacek on 28 January

comment #3

Is it any different than the other release? Or is it just the Japanese version?

comment posted by Nivek on 28 January

comment #4

Thanks for enduring this for us dancey and #gamemp3 crew!

comment posted by Sophisto on 28 January

comment #5

I did not know a Sequel to this game came out.

comment posted by Rewinder on 28 January

comment #6

This was a different type of post. I'm sorry for your purchase. D=

comment posted by ichigo on 28 January

comment #7

mmm weird artwork... impressed.

comment posted by Travers on 29 January

comment #8

yikes, if I loved the original OST, should I get this? what is so dreadful about it in your view?

comment posted by Angelina on 29 January

comment #9

@Rewinder A sequel to the game didn't come out. This is music from the DLC that goes with Muramasa Rebirth on Vita which is a port of the original game.

comment posted by Anon on 30 January

comment #10

I really just don't like eastern instrumentation (biwa, guzheng, etc) and this has too much of it.

comment posted by dancey on 30 January

comment #11

Ah, ok. I love those sounds so as always, thanks for sharing.

comment posted by Angie on 31 January

comment #12

Thank you very much, as always and sorry to hear it wasn't to your liking.

comment posted by Roc on 31 January

comment #13

I on the other hand love the Eastern instruments and sounds. This a great album. Thanks for the release.

comment posted by EdgeoTime on 13 February

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