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***FIX*** Final Fantasy X HD Original Soundtrack ***FIX***

Almost 3 years to the day ago we had our post discussing new changes to the release formats: some major, some minor. Well, one of those changes we discussed was "No more 'Fix' releases" with the note of "barring some sort of major catastrophic typo ...". Well, it's been 3 years and we've had some sloppy releases, a few typos and a few issues that we haven't bothered posting fixes for but we do have one worth mentioning now...

The Final Fantasy X HD Original Soundtrack we released in the "Final Fantasy MEGA UPDATE!!" has a completely wrong track in it. This would be a good definition of "catastrophic".

Track 67 (1067 Hymn - Bahamut.mp3) is in fact not Bahamut's Hymn, it is Anima's Hymn (track 1086 Hymn - Anima.mp3). The fixed version is available here: http://videoff7.free.fr/gmp3s/1067%20Hymn%20-%20Bahamut.mp3

Simply delete the old 1067 and replace it with the file above and that's all you have to do. If you are currently seeding the old torrent version I would stop seeding it altogether, or if your client has the ability to not seed specific files, exclude 1067. Otherwise you might end up redownloading the wrong version again~

How did this happen? Well, to make a long story short these Bluray "albums" are terribly indexed and not anything like a CD, so a 104 track album like FFX HD has something like 200+ indexes, often times with different indexes pointing to the same track. Those are all separate containers and I had to manually identify them, then name and number them.

Many thanks to Bayne for pointing this out in the comments section, apologies for the mistake! If there are any other catastrophic issues like this please feel free to leave us a comment or a message.

Since this is not really a release update, it's also a good time to remind people that we are (still) on IRC and we are also still on Discord (http://www.gamemp3s.net/2015/12/11/join-us-in-trying-out-discord/). Feel free to stop by and hang out/idle with us!

posted by dancey on 31 March


comment #1

Took me forever to read the title as fix and not F-9.

comment posted by Tom on 31 March

comment #2

only idiots never change their mind ;)

comment posted by coe on 01 April

comment #3

Thanks for providing the update guys :D

comment posted by Bayne on 04 April

comment #4

Thank you, #gamemp3s and Bayne!

comment posted by ichigo on 13 April

comment #5

Thanks for the fix!

comment posted by dunderhead on 21 May

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