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I am Setsuna Original Soundtrack

-Album Details-

Title: I am Setsuna Original Soundtrack
Publisher: Square-Enix Music
Catalog Number: SQEX-10539~40
Release Date: March 23rd, 2016
Ripped by: dancey


Soundtrack to the PS4 game "I am Setsuna". The arrangements are kind of slow and boring but some of them are good. I'm sure it works much better in game but not sure that most of them hold up outside of that.

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posted by dancey on 31 March


comment #1

Really looking forward to the game, thanks.

comment posted by Tom on 31 March

comment #2

Already caught this one, but still kudos for the upload. There are some cool ideas in there, but it's far more optimal as background ambience.

comment posted by mfw I am also a Tom on 01 April

comment #3

Thank you very much dancey, your words about this soundtrack is really exactly what I felt when listening to it. These tunes will be great in the game but outside of that they are just nothing special sadly. And while I do love piano music I was sad to know that like 95% of the soundtrack was composed of piano music.

comment posted by Viktor on 01 April

comment #4

Thank you

comment posted by davidd on 02 April

comment #5

Muchas gracias

comment posted by Skull Face on 03 April

comment #6

I was going to pass this by, due to the comments about it being boring. However, I find it quite charming and with some standouts here and there. It's perfect for evening music at home when I want something relaxing that the other half won't object to. I'm not the biggest fan of piano music but this works for me. Incidentally, I'm reminded of Eternal Sonata without the variety of instrumentation.

So I encourage anyone else on the fence to give this a try. You might like it too. :)

comment posted by Jason on 05 April

comment #7

I love this soundtrack, i havent played that game, but thats not the point, the smoothness of this is great when i need to relax even when doing cardio!!!

comment posted by Wictor on 07 April

comment #8

I have not played the game (yet! - waiting ever so patiently to get my hands on it). I have been listening to the soundtrack while doing some reading and research, and I think it's just fantastic. I find there is a great mix of upbeat and sombre pieces (you can definitely get a Chrono Trigger vibe-ish going from it).

comment posted by Caitlin on 15 July

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