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NOBUNAGA's ambition 30th Anniversary CD-BOX

-Album Details-

Title: NOBUNAGA's ambition 30th Anniversary CD-BOX
Catalog Number: KECH-1661~74
Release Date: December 18th, 2013
Ripped by: dancey


Speaking of Kousuke Yamashita... Here is the 30th Anniversary Nobunaga's Ambition series box set containing music from just about every game since '86, I think? Also contains a significant amount of never before released tracks.

Oh, and Yoko Kanno composed and arranged most of the tracks on Discs 1 ~ 5. :)

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posted by dancey on 20 April


comment #1

B. E . A . U . T . I . F . U . L .

Thank you!

comment posted by Giglio on 21 April

comment #2

An expensive series of dignities... Thanks.

comment posted by Travers on 22 April

comment #3

Thank you for sharing!

comment posted by lsl7994 on 22 April

comment #4

Thanks. Love Kanno's works.

comment posted by drark on 24 April

comment #5

This is great music to march to for my 3 hour walk to work. It's like the war drums and biwa keep my feet moving forward. Thanks dancey!

comment posted by EdgeoTime on 30 April

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