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Ys VIII -Lacrimosa of DANA- Original Soundtrack

-Album Details-

Title: Ys VIII -Lacrimosa of DANA- Original Soundtrack
Publisher: Falcom
Catalog Number: NW10103380
Release Date: August 24th, 2016
Ripped by: Andvari


Gotta strike while the iron is hot, eh? More Falcom goodness!

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posted by v1le on 27 August


comment #1

Thank you for the release! It's too bad the game was only released in Japan (PS Vita) and will be released only in Japan (PS4) at the moment.

comment posted by ichigo on 27 August

comment #2

^ I would be shocked if we did not get the game in the US.

comment posted by Tom on 27 August

comment #3

We're not worthy.

comment posted by Daniel Clasen on 27 August

comment #4


I still like Ocean's better than this one, regardless, it's fantastic.

comment posted by Marcelo on 27 August

comment #5

Thumbs up.

comment posted by Bill Clinton on 27 August

comment #6

Thank you.

comment posted by davidd on 28 August

comment #7

woohoo!! Falcom Sound Team jdk still going strong after all these years in symbiosis with you guys, making me tear up slightly. gamemp3s (Msia & Godai <3) sparked my love of Falcom roughly 10 years ago, man. So glad you guys are keeping this going, and so strongly too. Not to mention this latest Ys OST ... I'm speechless...

you're never going to meet me, never going to even know who I am, but please know that you are highly appreciated and have been for an entire decade, if not more... It's not just a vgm sharing site, but a much cherished accumulation of efforts that have shaped characters, personalities, lives - and no I don't care how pompous or cliché that sounds...k, I'll leave you now. Till next time, take care and may you be happy wherever you may be... :)

comment posted by Harlequin on 28 August

comment #8

Thank you. It seems the music sounds more "heavy" than ever!

comment posted by DestinX on 28 August

comment #9

Anyone else get some modern Castlevania vibes from a few of these tracks?

comment posted by Tom on 02 September

comment #10

Now this is what an adventurer's music should sound like! Rocky road ahead.

comment posted by Ominae on 06 September

comment #11


comment posted by Spectrum on 06 September

comment #12

I would also like to add my thanks to the lists! I am very much looking forward to the new Falcom games. I hope one of these days to have enough time to get into the Trails series.

So, Harlequin, are you the same Harle from gff all those years ago?

comment posted by papa_haydn on 08 September

comment #13

@papa_haydn: 'fraid not, I just picked the name Harlequin rather spontaneously - probably as I just happened to be listening to Ys IV's Temptation of the Harlequin (Yonemitsu's godly arrangement specifically) while typing...

I first found #gamemp3s' torrents through either mininova/isohunt, I forget which - I came across gff much later and only later learnt how all these communities, vgmdb etc are kinda inter-related... but anyhoo, I'm not anyone anyone will recognise by any name - sorry to inadvertently disappoint...

comment posted by Harlequin on 11 September

comment #14

Nice comment from Harlequin, appreciate it!

comment posted by Godai on 29 December

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