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Rock on 2Night GUILTY GEAR LIVE 2016

-Album Details-

Title: Rock on 2Night GUILTY GEAR LIVE 2016
Publisher: Star Jam Corporation
Catalog Number: EM2R-00011~3
Release Date: September 28th, 2016
Ripped by: Razakin

As the title says, live Guilty Gear music from this year. Mostly stuff from Xrd Sign / Revelator, but has two old goodies tucked along.

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CDJapan (With DVD)


posted by Razakin on 03 October


comment #1

Link is fixed now. (Hopefully)

comment posted by Razakin on 04 October

comment #2

I've not been here in years, and this is the first thing I see? Thank you so much!

comment posted by im_oldman on 08 October

comment #3

Amazing. Do you have video version?

comment posted by WJ8 on 12 October

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