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Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack

-Album Details-


Title: Final Fantasy XV Original Soundtrack
Publisher: Square Enix Music
Catalog Number: SQEX-10566~9
Release Date: December 21st, 2016
Ripped by: dancey


Rejoice! The long awaited Final Fantasy XV soundtrack is here! This is the regular CD edition but artist credits were stolen from the mp3 tags from the files that are on the Limited Edition Bluray Audio version, except for "Somnus" which has the credits from drammatica. Enjoy!

Purchase Link(s)

CDJapan (Regular Edition, CD)
CDJapan (Limited Edition, Bluray)

posted by dancey on 28 December


comment #1

Limited edition Bonus Disc (6 piano arrangements) and the Ultimate Collector's Edition Special Soundtrack that has the Brotherhood soundtrack (BD audio rip) coming soon.

comment posted by dancey on 28 December

comment #2

Awesome. Thanks!

comment posted by Tom on 28 December

comment #3

Thank you so much!! This soundtrack is bonerrific!

comment posted by Bill Clinton on 29 December

comment #4

Thank you so much! ;D

comment posted by albet on 29 December

comment #5

Thank you!

comment posted by ichigo on 29 December

comment #6

The best JRPG soundtrack of the year (second is Pokémon Su/Mo lol). Thanks for this!

comment posted by mach2 on 29 December

comment #7

Thank you very much, I hope it is enjoyable even if you haven't played the game.

comment posted by undi on 29 December

comment #8

Thank you for this! Was looking forward big time to this release. Can't wait for the piano arrangements too!

comment posted by vivi on 30 December

comment #9

@dancey Could you please add track credits to the VGMdb entry of this album?

comment posted by dantelectro on 30 December

comment #10


comment posted by Tetsu on 30 December

comment #11

YES!!! Thanks!!

comment posted by JLSigman on 01 January

comment #12

Where did you get the credits from? I have the CD version and didn't see them anywhere. I'm guessing they're in the blu-ray version?

comment posted by Rob on 01 January

comment #13

sm1 should learn to read description, it'd help

comment posted by coe on 01 January

comment #14

Hey coe bonne année.

And thanks for the release, Shimomura is awesome <3

comment posted by Stragus on 01 January

comment #15

Awesome upload, thanks a bunch!

Hearing the version of Stand By Me in the intro scene, I fell in love with it, but is it on this OST?

comment posted by Chris on 02 January

comment #16

Doh. I see it now. Whoops

comment posted by Rob on 02 January

comment #17

Thank you

comment posted by davidd on 02 January

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