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Sengoku BASARA COMPLETE BEST 2011~2016

-Album Details-

Sengoku BASARA COMPLETE BEST 2011~2016

Title: Sengoku BASARA COMPLETE BEST 2011~2016
Publisher: MusicRay'n
Catalog Number: SMCL-459
Release Date: November 30th, 2016
Ripped by: v1le


Compilation of vocal openings mostly done by T.M Revolution. Although Sengoku Basara has the lowest downloads here in #gamemp3s I want to keep sharing these since it was #gamemp3s that made me a Sengoku Basara fan in the first place. Hopefully, someone digs the series music.

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posted by v1le on 12 February


comment #1

Thanks for posting this! I know there aren't many other English speaking Sengoku Basara fans but at the very least I definitely appreciate you posting these as I love the series' music. :)

comment posted by Mip on 12 February

comment #2

I'm really gratefull to you who upload this album, i'm fan of basara and i know that the english majority didn't get much popularity to this series. It's make someone like me who enjoy the music from the game really appreciate for what you did.

Thank you.

comment posted by rickyLUcis on 12 February

comment #3

You actually have download stats? Can you share them? It would be really neat to see.

comment posted by Tom on 12 February

comment #4

You rock! Keep 'em coming!

#gamemp3s makes my life better.

comment posted by Tetsu on 12 February

comment #5

I certainly dig, and thank you very much for the music. :D

comment posted by Parn on 12 February

comment #6

Tom, just click your way to torrents page and you should see them.

comment posted by v1le on 12 February

comment #7

Thanks, T.M. Revolution is great and so are the games!

comment posted by bluegato on 13 February

comment #8

stats are viewable by clicking top menu > torrents

comment posted by coe on 13 February

comment #9

all gm3 torrents and old torrents you could not find elsewhere

comment posted by coe on 13 February

comment #10

^^ Thanks v1le those downloads stats were fun to look at. Ni no kuni and Granblue were more popular than I thought they'd be.

comment posted by Tom on 17 February

comment #11

this would probably be considered "anime music" to the vast majority of people and therefore the majority of people would get it from nyaa, which is probably why the downloads are so low. i wouldn't even think to get this from here tbh

comment posted by wohdin on 18 February

comment #12

Thank you so much , I love Basara

comment posted by 1wa2 on 23 July

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