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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sound Selection

-Album Details-


Title: The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sound Selection
Publisher: Nintendo of America
Catalog Number: n/a
Release Date: March 3rd, 2017
Ripped by: dancey


Sound Selection only available in the Limited Edition/Collector's Editions of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for the new Nintendo Switch/Wii U. Maybe the music works better in game... not feeling it.

posted by dancey on 12 March


comment #1

Haven't played the game. Is the Main Theme supposed to glitch at 01:05 ?

comment posted by Ser Piggy on 12 March

comment #2

Honestly I don't like the way the did the music in this game. Most the time it's completely silent. I get the whole immersive thing they were going for, but I don't like it. Boring. Give me a blaring dark world theme any day over this.

comment posted by Tom on 12 March

comment #3

It's missing some of the better track in-game (Lost Woods). There are some tunes that also play during some mini-quests/challenges that are not here.

comment posted by sfried on 12 March

comment #4

Track 01 glitches at 1:05

comment posted by Tetsu on 13 March

comment #5

Don't think that's a glitch. The ost is just weird.

comment posted by Grack on 13 March

comment #6

Thank you! I've been waiting for this release~ (*≧∀≦*)

comment posted by ichigo on 13 March

comment #7

The glitch is on the pressed CD and is not from the ripping process.

comment posted by dancey on 13 March

comment #8

Hi-- professional music editor here. I fixed the Main Theme track. It's not a glitch, it was present in the original trailer from E3 last year, and it always bugged me, as it's not how an acoustic enviroment works. I implemented a subtle reverb tail and a cymbal crash swell to smooth out the transition and diminish the hard cut. You won't even notice my fixes, but you will notice that it plays 100% more smoothly. Timing is the same. This link is only good for 7 days... feel free to download and seed on here if you want: https://we.tl/4Rx6jbjTzU

comment posted by ZeldaMuse on 13 March

comment #9

Thanks, ZeldaMuse!

comment posted by ichigo on 14 March

comment #10

I loved how they approached the OST in this game, and I hope they follow this trend onwards.

It is more mature than just blaring a melody-charged 1 minute long loop over and over again over the course of hours on no end.

Finally, video games soundtracks are growing up, out of the hardware limitations of the 90ies.

Thank you!

comment posted by undi on 14 March

comment #11

Thanks for the upload. Love the soundtrack. Fits within the game perfectly. The ambient noises and the subtle swelling of the battle theme definitely add to the adventure vibe for me.

comment posted by Japanmanx3 on 17 March

comment #12

main theme (live) is full of epic

comment posted by Aza on 19 March

comment #13

Nice job, ZeldaMuse!
And thanks as always for sharing, #gamemp3s crew.

comment posted by Giglio on 22 March

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