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SEGA RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP 1995 -New Century Arrange Album-

-Album Details-

SEGA RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP 1995 -New Century Arrange Album-

Title: SEGA RALLY CHAMPIONSHIP 1995 -New Century Arrange Album-
Publisher: King Records
Catalog Number: KICS-1923
Release Date: July 24th, 2013
Ripped by: v1le


Don't be fooled by the album title, for this set contains a handful of rock arrangements among with the Sega Rally Championship 1995 Arcade soundtrack. New Sega & classic Sega, win-win for everybody.

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posted by v1le on 30 May


comment #1

Sweet! Hope this is as awesome as I think this will be. Thanks.

comment posted by Tom on 30 May

comment #2

This has got to be awesome! Thank You.

comment posted by bluegato on 31 May

comment #3

Thanks for this album since I l am always curious of arranged albums. an example would be that of rockman 20/25th(?) anniversary.

Always nice to listen through an arranged albume waiting to land onto that nostalgic but 'perfected' sound. Or that nostalgic sound is made into a nice 4:00+ song.

I guess i just look forward to arranged albums.

comment posted by moereverie on 31 May

comment #4

Finally a non rpg ost for a change, thank you!

comment posted by amano on 01 June

comment #5

If you guys liked this, check out Ace Combat 2. This style reminded me of that.

comment posted by dantelectro on 03 June

comment #6


comment posted by sfried on 04 June

comment #7

Thank You. Insert Coin!

comment posted by frame-rate on 06 June

comment #8

If this is the music i think it is then i have to say i am not interested. But it is good that this music has made it out. I know a lot of people loved it

comment posted by William on 07 June

comment #9

Are you dead

comment posted by JOSHUA on 05 August

comment #10

Is this site still going? I was just wondering if anyone knew why there hasn't been a post since the end of May? Thanks.

comment posted by VideoGameMusic on 11 August

comment #11

Thanks for all the years of support.

comment posted by FireFly on 12 August

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