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Ys VIII -Lacrimosa of DANA- Original Soundtrack -Complete-

-Album Details-

Title: Ys VIII -Lacrimosa of DANA- Original Soundtrack -Complete-
Publisher: Falcom
Catalog Number: NW10103420
Release Date: August 9th, 2017
Ripped by: Andvari


As the western release for Ys VIII is getting closer, here's a 're-release' of the soundtrack, now with even more tunes from the PS4 version.

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posted by Razakin on 26 August


comment #1

Thank you <3 Falcom <3 JDK Band <3

comment posted by Stragus on 26 August

comment #2

Hey hey I like to thank you for the continued supply of game music Andvari and #gamemp3s squad. I haven't played any Ys games yet but I have recently picked some up from what's available from gog and I have noticed they all have quite a grand music score. Supposing I never get around to playing some of these games, I do love putting random soundtracks like this on in the background to enjoy what the parts of the game that I can. So delightful are some of these collections of music that I wonder if I'll ever make the time to return to this pastime, my bygone hobbies.

comment posted by papa_haydn on 27 August

comment #3

I love Falcom music too! Thank you as usual!

comment posted by Giglio on 27 August

comment #4

Thank you :)

comment posted by WolfDC on 28 August

comment #5

Thank you

comment posted by davidd on 29 August

comment #6

Thank you!!! You guys lighten my day after a rough day of work.

comment posted by AzO on 05 September

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