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Final Fantasy XIV Duality ~Arrangement Album~

-Album Details-

Title: Final Fantasy XIV Duality ~Arrangement Album~
Publisher: Square Enix Music
Catalog Number: SQEX-20031
Release Date: December 7th, 2016
Ripped by: dancey


An arranged Final Fantasy XIV album -- tracks 1 ~ 6 are piano, tracks 7 ~ 13 are band. Track 14 is some sort of bonus vocal song.

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posted by dancey on 03 September


comment #1

Great to see you guys pumping out releases. Thank you as always.

comment posted by SFC on 03 September

comment #2

Man, no wonder why you waited until a 3 day weekend, need to recover your energy after all of this. Thank you very much.

comment posted by Cyphin on 03 September

comment #3

it's tiring to put a cd/bd in a pc, it's sure ;p

comment posted by coe on 03 September

comment #4

And another thank you :)

comment posted by WolfDC on 04 September

comment #5


comment posted by Tronia on 12 September

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