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Dragon's Crown Pro Orchestra Album

-Album Details-

Title: Dragon's Crown Pro Orchestra Album
Publisher: Atlus
Catalog Number: ATS-01801
Release Date: February 8th, 2018
Ripped by: dancey


Soundtrack to Dragon's Crown Pro (a remastered 2018 version of Dragon's Crown) for PS4, included in the Dragon's Crown Pro Royal Edition in Japan. There's very slight differences from the original soundtrack, essentially just adding one or two live instruments into the existing tracks. Overall an underwhelming release.

posted by dancey on 03 March


comment #1

Great release, Thank you! I did not play the original game, but I will play the Pro.

comment posted by BlueGato on 04 March

comment #2


comment posted by Tronia on 21 March

comment #3

Thanks so much for the u/l, dancey! Been waiting for this one to pop up here. I'm a bonafide DC fanatic.
Kinda disappointed to hear that these aren't completely re-recorded tracks, though, but ah well! :)

comment posted by Jack Purcell on 23 March

comment #4

I'm not sure why you're saying they're not re-recorded tracks?

If so, what the hell was I recording then?

We re-recorded all strings (about 3 hours worth), all horns, and a SHIT ton of percussion. As in, we used up all the inputs in a world-class studio shit ton of percussion.

But I guess if you can't tell they're live, then it means Saki must be really good at making synth sound good :)

comment posted by the guy who recorded DCP on 11 April

comment #5

I guess it is a testament to Sakimotos original synths because I honestly cannot tell the difference between most tracks. I should have been more clear in saying that I couldn't hear the differences, not that there actually were none.

comment posted by dancey on 11 April

comment #6

all good - just read back my comment and i sound way too salty about it haha. Didn't mean for it to come across like that!

comment posted by the guy who recorded DCP on 11 April

comment #7

This is absolutely incredible. Anyone who could mistake this album for a mere overlay of the DCrown OST hasn't listened to the original much at all. As someone who played the hell out of the original, I'd say this is closer to a fully new arrangement at times. Kudos to all involved, especially the Sydney-based musicians at Trackdown. We might not have Eminence anymore but bless you all for producing quality orchestral game music like this.

comment posted by Wes on 29 May

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