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Symphonic Suite "SUIKODEN" ~presented by JAGMO~

-Album Details-

Title: Symphonic Suite "SUIKODEN" ~presented by JAGMO~
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
Catalog Number: GFCA-462~6
Release Date: December 19th, 2018
Ripped by: razakin


Step into a world of illusions and reminiscence music from Suikoden I to Suikoden V.

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posted by Razakin on 16 January


comment #1

It's quite the treat seeing all the new uploads here lately. Thanks much for the new Suikoden music. I love the music from these games. They had a number of great arrange albums also.

comment posted by papa_haydn on 17 January

comment #2

Thank you

comment posted by davidd on 17 January

comment #3

Wow! New album! Thanks a lot!

comment posted by lsl7994 on 17 January

comment #4

Thanks again!

comment posted by limitbreak on 18 January

comment #5

Niceeeeeeee. Thanks :)

comment posted by WolfDC on 20 January

comment #6

Thanks for the uploads. I know a lot of us lurk and leech and seed and never really say anything, you are such an appreciated resource that we probably don't thank enough. Thank you!

comment posted by drex on 23 January

comment #7

Like, I hate to be that person...But why are your albums in such poor quality? It's never 320kbps. Is it because you want us to actually buy the albums? If so I can understand it and respect it. It forces us to buy the albums in order to get the best quality. But seriously though, I love Suikoden music to death, i'm like crying now, totally forgot about this release...crying because of the music, not the 200kbps. Anyway. Keep up the good work. I will buy this. Like I do with all the things that I love, as long as I can afford it.

comment posted by daedalus on 09 February

comment #8

320kbps is not better quality. Learn a little about encoding before making a quality judgement.

comment posted by dancey on 16 February

comment #9


comment posted by Tronia on 02 March

comment #10

cheers heaps. Suikoden music and their subsequent arrange albums have been with me for many years...especially both piano albums and rustling in the wind, Asian and Celtic collections .. This will be another one to buy most likely.
Again, thank you.

comment posted by munihousen on 11 March

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