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RIP #gamemp3s 2000 - 2019 RIP

Sorry all, rides over. See you in another life~

posted by dancey on 01 November


comment #1

Thank you for your contributions, i love you take care!

comment posted by Archie on 01 November

comment #2

You will be missed, thanks for the hard work over the years

comment posted by thethomaseffect on 01 November

comment #3

Thanks for all you've done, so many grateful music fans!

comment posted by M on 01 November

comment #4

Thank you for the years of music! Whatever is next for you, I hope it Benefits you 100%!

comment posted by StitchAacedAngel on 01 November

comment #5

What can I say, great memories. Experiencing some unknown game’s OST blow you away. Or the great post containing something like 10 different albums...

You’ve made my day many days. Thanks a lot for all the great moments.
I’ve been here since the start. mIRC memories attached.

Wish you all the best.

comment posted by aryllies on 01 November

comment #6

Thanks for being so awesome.

comment posted by Anpack on 01 November

comment #7

thank you.

comment posted by abe on 01 November

comment #8

Thank you for everything.

comment posted by Michael on 01 November

comment #9


comment posted by Alexo on 02 November

comment #10

Say it ain't so! Seriously though, is there any way of staying in communication with any of the gamemp3s crew?

comment posted by papa_haydn on 02 November

comment #11

Thank you for sharing the good stuff all these years! I wish you all the best.

comment posted by porte on 02 November

comment #12

I've known, visited and loved this site since almost the beginning, it's sad to see it's closing (not a nice birthday present for me either).
Thanks to the whole #gamemp3s crew that took care of it over the many years, it will always hold a special place in my gamer-and-game-music-appreciator heart.

comment posted by Giglio on 02 November

comment #13

Thanks for everything!

Anyone know of a decent replacement?

comment posted by rdz on 02 November

comment #14

Thank you for the good music during all those years ! Greatly appreciated.
Question now is where am I gonna find Sakuraba music ? ;)

comment posted by nihil on 02 November

comment #15

Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

comment posted by Marcelo Ellmann on 02 November

comment #16

Sad to hear, I hope all's well. Thanks for all the rips!

comment posted by hcs on 02 November

comment #17

Thank you so much for all the years. I think I started coming here sometime in 2006. Hope all is well for the future!

comment posted by Giga_Force on 03 November

comment #18

Man I have been coming here since about 2006. I am going to miss this place. It was a place of comfort for me as well as music. But i understand that things have to change. Thank you for giving so much to those of us who love music and video games. You have been a beacon of light and joy in a world that regards our love for this type of music as silly. May the whole of the #gamemp3 crew be blessed in all your endeavors from here on on out. God Bless and keep you all!

comment posted by William on 03 November

comment #19

site will disappear? torrents will disappear?
none of the past contributors want to contribute anymore?

comment posted by coe on 03 November

comment #20

Thank you for all the great music you shared with us. I'm a happier person for it. All the best to everyone at gamemp3s.

comment posted by Man_s on 03 November

comment #21

Thank you for the years of generosity and inquisitive VGM OST discovery. The time taken and the #gamemp3 crew commitment to quality is very appreciated. You'll always have a place in my playlist, and my heart.

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 03 November

comment #22

Thanks for the ride, wonderful content. Hope you succeed in whatever you're going forward /

comment posted by El Paul on 03 November

comment #23

Thank you! You've introduced me to a lot of composers over the years, and a lot of great music I would've never known existed.

comment posted by Bur on 03 November

comment #24

I'm missing some context about the situation, but I can guess a number of plausible reasons this would happen. What can I say. Y'all helped make VMG accessible in a time when the idea of liking music from video games was stupid, nonsensical, etc. Your efforts introduced me to great composers I never heard of from games I never played. I'm grateful. Thanks for the ride. :(

comment posted by Life Sucks on 03 November

comment #25

Thank you for all your hard work, dedication and thoughtfulness as you crafted 20 years of magnificence for all of us. Though I have only been here since 2005, you will always be remembered. Farewell, gamemp3s <3

comment posted by Volkov on 03 November

comment #26

Woah, I've been visiting this site for about 15 years, no way! Luckily we now live in an age when it's far easier to find VGM than it used to be (youtube, emulation sites, even legally via spotify/etc), but I don't know what a VGM-holic like me would've done w/o this site back in those dark early days. Thanks for doing what you did for so long! I actually bought a ton of legit CDs thanks to being introduced to them on this site

comment posted by lemnlime on 04 November

comment #27

Oh man... I expected this to happen, but was hoping it wouldn't. I've been around since circa 2005, and you gave me plenty of music to enjoy over all these years. Thank you so much for everything and I wish you all the best.

Does anyone know of a good replacement for those of us who can't get our VGM fix elsewhere?

comment posted by Vincent on 04 November

comment #28

Thanks for all the great music! Don't suppose anyone has all the torrent files I can download from dropbox? Lost a lot of the collection at the start of the year and was meaning to download a lot of these albums


comment posted by Michael on 04 November

comment #29

Anyone know where I can add the torrents? Thanks for all the music

comment posted by Michael Gargett on 04 November

comment #30

Oh man, I will miss you guys. Thanks for everything.

comment posted by Dun on 04 November

comment #31

I've been here pretty much since the beginning, like others too. I've lost my collection a couple of times but was always able to get it back, at least most of it, and get some new stuff too.

Back then in those dark days VGM was hard to come by and not really appreciated, especially in the West. Nowadays there's a bit more of it thankfully, although truth be told there are far less games I'm interested in these days. I liked the remixes and arranged tracks you guys would put up sometimes too. I don't know how I'd have discovered them otherwise.

Sometimes I listen to rainwave.cc and get new reccs there, especially the free albums that occasionally pop up, like the MH Star Ocean Tribute Album within the last year.

Like others I'd be curious what a good replacement is. Perhaps there's a subreddit or forum? I used to be in the Discord, but I left when I had to clean up my server list as I had too many. Hopefully that's still open invite and I can swing back by.

Best of luck to everyone and thanks to all your contributions. Really wish all of us had met in person with this shared hobby.

comment posted by Serp on 04 November

comment #32

Thanks!!! I've been years downloading from this web, great and excellent quality. A hug for you, will be ever in my mind (and in my HD!).

Thank you.

comment posted by Frank on 05 November

comment #33

tyvm luv xo

comment posted by Lexi on 05 November

comment #34

Best goodbye ever.

Thanks for the ride!

comment posted by Huicho on 05 November

comment #35

Thank you so much for everything. Best wishes to you.

comment posted by Zvonimir on 05 November

comment #36

Thank you for everything. Best wishes!

comment posted by JohnBooty on 05 November

comment #37

This would have to happen some day. Thank you everyone involved for the countless hours of enjoyment I received all these years.

comment posted by davidd on 06 November

comment #38


comment posted by Tom on 06 November

comment #39

Sad to see you go. Thank you so much for everyone. Good luck with whatever the future holds.

comment posted by Rain on 07 November

comment #40

Does anyone have an archive of the torrents? I wanted to get the Nier Automata soundtrack and now they're all gone...

comment posted by Zeether on 07 November

comment #41

Following this site for more than 10 years, huge thanks and best wishes!

comment posted by XK on 07 November

comment #42

Thanks for all the effort guys! I hope your future projects come as good as this one. You will be missed. Regards from Mexico.

comment posted by Heisho on 08 November

comment #43

Were you issued a cease and desist or are you just done with this? If the latter, I really think someone would be happy to take over.

This sucks. Damnit, I should have downloaded the #A, #B, to #Z, etc. collection.

Been here and even contributed a few albums. Star Ocean: Perfect Sound Collection, Terranigma, and others.

This is pretty sad.

comment posted by Meh on 08 November

comment #44

Sad to see you go, but grateful for everything you've done. The majority of my collection came from here! Best wishes to all of you.

comment posted by RooksArcana on 08 November

comment #45

Thank you for a long time.
God bless you

comment posted by Twomix on 10 November

comment #46

:( You will be missed. Thank you so much.

comment posted by StRIIIk3 on 11 November

comment #47

This is a tragedy. An amazing resource just poofed. It's like the Wikipedia of VGM is now offline. I loved this site. I am grateful for all you've done. I just wanted it around forever. Don't know where I will find those old torrents. Does anyone have a backup of all them on a massive HD?

comment posted by Sad Sad Sad on 12 November

comment #48

See You Space Cowboy...

comment posted by GSP on 12 November

comment #49

Sad to see this happen...guessing you guys got a C&D? This is a terrible day, indeed...sittingonclouds doesn't quite do it for me, but I guess I'll have to keep checking them now. Thanks for everything! I got so much great stuff from here!

comment posted by R7 on 12 November

comment #50

To everyone here who made this place what it was,
To the idlers in #vgm-central, including the German, the Brit, the Kansan, the New Yorker, and even the Floridian,
To ZeaLitY, Teioh, and everyone else who contributed in their own way,
Live well.
Good bye.

comment posted by Arrogance on 13 November

comment #51

Thank you so much for providing the albums and the amazing community. I've been visiting since nearly the beginning and it has been awesome. You will be missed.

comment posted by limitbreak on 14 November

comment #52

I'm so lonely now!!!!

comment posted by Bill Clinton on 14 November

comment #53

:( sad to see you guys go but understand... thank you for all you have contributed to us, will miss my greatest source

comment posted by sky on 14 November

comment #54

Thank you so much for everything!

comment posted by Tony on 15 November

comment #55

Is there an archive anywhere? I wouldn't mind keeping the albums available in some way.

comment posted by davidd on 15 November

comment #56

davidd, please get into contact with me at humperdong AT yahoo . com. I am also interested in keeping up an archive of the work shared by #gamemp3s over the years. I have accumulated fair amount and would be interested in combining with others similarly interested.

comment posted by papa_haydn on 15 November

comment #57

The darkest timeline.

Thanks for all the years.

comment posted by Paul on 27 November

comment #58

Damn! I will always appreciate you all for the lovely music!

comment posted by Morzone on 05 December

comment #59

Glad to see the site/torrents are still up. Thank you for being a chill, long time fixture for osts.

comment posted by anothersphere on 17 December

comment #60

Sorry that I noticed this so late.
A million thanks for all your amazing work through the years. It has been wonderful and much appreciated. Best of luck on all your endeavors in the future. See you on Disc!
<3 <3 <3 <3

comment posted by Lania on 03 January

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