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Maybe not dead

Hi everyone,

Maybe we aren't *completely* dead. Stay tuned.

posted by Godai on 15 November


comment #1

I look forward to the resurrection

comment posted by James on 15 November

comment #2

Hi! Thanks for the update.
I'm currently doing the finger pyramid of evil contemplation while awaiting more news.

comment posted by Ackulee on 16 November

comment #3

Thank goodness!

comment posted by Nathan on 16 November

comment #4

I hope so! Cheers!

comment posted by Albert on 16 November

comment #5

Nice to see you again, Godai :).

comment posted by Giglio on 16 November

comment #6

Keep on going!

comment posted by abe on 16 November

comment #7


comment posted by Alexo on 16 November

comment #8

comment posted by Gaor on 16 November

comment #9

Awesome! Still remember you and Msia from Avalonia btw, Godai, those were the days. :)

comment posted by Conspera on 16 November

comment #10

*Keeps reloading the page*

comment posted by StitchFacedAngel on 17 November

comment #11

Please let there be light!

comment posted by Kirihitou on 17 November

comment #12

Always watching you guys!

comment posted by Diego Arthur on 18 November

comment #13

You just made my day.

comment posted by limitbreak on 19 November

comment #14

Holy shit! It's the legend himself!

comment posted by Vincent on 20 November

comment #15

Oh man, looking forward to 2020! My heart sunk as I was reading the news, there is hope!

comment posted by AzO on 06 January

comment #16

Yeah ! I am so glad I came back just to check ! Thank you and take care.

comment posted by nihil on 08 March

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