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#gamemp3s Discord Server

Hello, friends.

We haven't been releasing albums in quite a while, but we are still running our Discord server.

We've been building a community for people who are interested in video game music, video games, and other assorted media, but are tired of the constant cynicism and negativity that permeate many communities with those interests.

If that sounds good to you, feel free to stop by. We'd love to have you!

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posted by arc on 23 November


comment #1

Ugh the hostility and insularity in these types of communities does indeed bring things down.

But there are plenty of good people out there with these hobbies. The issue is that you HAVE to have quality mods who get rid of toxic people quickly. Giving toxic people the benefit of the doubt or giving them power is what usually does these communities in---good people get fed up and just leave, and then the toxic people merely bicker with each other and then attack in tandem when someone new wanders in.

I suspect one major reason it's hard to build a community is that said toxic people, especially when younger, seek power and it takes experience to deal with them. Problem is it takes time to build experience, but with time generally comes less energy and time to devote to said communities.

comment posted by Serp on 04 December

comment #2

Sure, things are not the same but please let me thank you for all the albums you released along the years, I hold them with care on my HDD. : )

comment posted by Ricardo Garcia on 17 December

comment #3

I'm very sad to read this. This site is my 1st and only option to obtain high quality OST's. I certainly will follow you on to discord.

comment posted by Saul Gasca on 14 January

comment #4

I have been coming to the site for well over a decade now. I cherish this place more then any other. Never let the "fandom" get you down. Their will always be trolls and bad types around in any fandom. You guys have my support and prayers.

comment posted by William on 18 December

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