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Old Torrents

There was an issue with the tracker where old torrents with an old announce URL were not working properly. This has been fixed now.

posted by arc on 24 November


comment #1

This is great. I've been seeding all the old large archive torrents for quite some time and the last one sitting at 99.9% for maybe a year finally rolled over to 100%. I'll keep seeding!

comment posted by D on 25 November

comment #2

been seeding the 2011 archive for a while, need to put the others by year up on my seedbox at some point, just been procrastinating about it haha... the alphabetical torrent downloads seem to be broken or something. glad to toss those up on the seedbox again at some point as well

comment posted by nekoashido on 27 November

comment #3

@ nekoashido
Are you sure? #-A seems to be working for me.

comment posted by arc on 27 November

comment #4

I checked that one, and you're right! That's a relief. I'll get to seeding at least some of those soon enough. Sorry for the confusion! I was referencing the #gamemp3s Archive Torrents: The Remix download links (#-A, etc). All of them that I've tried have led to Not Found errors. Don't know if it is some kind of caching problem on my end or something. All of the torrent links on the other torrents page do seem to be working, so I'll set about seeding in a moment :)

comment posted by nekoashido on 01 December

comment #5

Hmm, yeah. I forgot about those, actually. Anything that isn't listed on the torrents page won't work. I'll see if we can get those torrents back, but I doubt it.

comment posted by arc on 01 December

comment #6

No worries either way =^_^= There's so much listed on the torrents page already and it seems like you're doing all that you can already. Been loving the site for years now, and surprised I haven't started commenting before this, as I really appreciate the variety, especially the Atlus stuff. Maybe I'm a bit much of a Persona fan though, haha. But yea, I'll keep trying to do what I can to help, if you have any other ideas, I'm all ears!

comment posted by nekoashido on 01 December

comment #7

Actually, it looks like I saved a lot of non-torrents-page torrents before. Would you want me to send a zipped folder from my seedbox to you or upload it to Drive or something and share a link?

comment posted by nekoashido on 01 December

comment #8

Sure. If you could post that in Discord I would appreciate it. Thanks!

comment posted by arc on 01 December

comment #9

Be glad to! I have the torrent files themselves downloaded and will remind myself to add the zip file, unless a different method was preferred. Can definitely set up a fresh install of Discord and get to it in the morning when I'm all coffee'd up, haha.

comment posted by nekoashido on 02 December

comment #10

The a-z torrents don't seem working for me links say not found.

comment posted by davidd on 11 December

comment #11

Happy Neew Year to everyone,
there are problems with the links here on the main page.
can somebody fix it please?
Many Thanks and Go On!

comment posted by Shandrah on 11 January

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