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Devil May Cry 5 - Original Soundtrack

-Album Details-

Title: Devil May Cry 5 - Original Soundtrack
Publisher: Laced Records
Catalog Number: LMLP029
Release Date: June 2019
Ripped by: Razakin


Bang Bang Pull my Devil Trigger, or something.


posted by Razakin on 10 July


comment #1

Razakin and the gamemp3 crew,

Thanks for this demon busting hair metal mania. Help take the edge off the containment summer. Your efforts are appreciated and hope you and yours are safe in these strange days!

comment posted by Crusader Moron on 11 July

comment #2

Thank you as always

comment posted by davidd on 12 July

comment #3

Glad to see the update, and thanks to all who continue to share the music here at gamemp3s. And hello to all who still visit here!

comment posted by papa_haydn on 13 July

comment #4

papa_haydn: Hello back to you :).

It's always nice to see that #gamemp3s keeps being updated. Good job!

comment posted by Giglio on 13 July

comment #5

Thank you! Always delightful to see a new release. Much appreciated.

comment posted by Kirihitou on 13 July

comment #6

YAY!! A new release!! And it's:


comment posted by Shatterhand on 18 July

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