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posted by dancey on 14 December

Soul Sacrifice Original Soundtrack

We're going to be piloting a new release schedule and some standards in hopes of getting music out quicker.  Rather than releasing 20 albums every couple months, we're going to try to release albums as we receive them and run them through "quality control".

Some major changes you may notice:

  •  no .sfv: This was used to maintain the integrity of the releases but with a faster release schedule and data integrity checks built into the Torrent protocol, it's not needed anymore.  Many of you likely didn't even know what they were for.
  • no .nfo:  This was just legacy from the days of old.  mIRC file trading, primitive id3 tags and the lack of a web presence meant we needed some way to identify and promote our releases.  With the advent of torrents, advanced id3 tags and a decent web presence, we don't need this anymore.  Anyone seeking additional performer credits not normally credited in id3 tags can use vgmdb or ask in the comments section.
  • One Release / One Torrent: We are going to try not to batch torrents into a torrent of 20 albums at a time.  It's a lot more work to try and work on 20 albums for release than it is to individually work on one album at a time as they're received.  Additionally, there is some confusion about how to find old(er) torrents on the site via search or on the tracker, so this should make it somewhat more intuitive.  This is one of the larger reasons releases took so long.  The longer we wait, the more piles up and the longer it takes to release a giant batch of things we've been slacking on.
  • Remove custom <Copyright> id3 tag: Not useful
  • Remove custom <Encoding Settings> id3 tag: Redundant with current lame.exe mp3 headers
  • Additional Contributors: One of the bigger reasons releases take so long is it's all funneled through one person (Originally, the_miker, then myself, then Godai, then Msia).  It's a significant amount of work for one person to do. Receive the files, translate, tag the files according to standards, torrent, update website, etc.  We're going to try having individual suppliers release their own releases as time permits so there is not a large backlog created by everything being funneled to one person.
  • Less Standardization:  You might see varying id3 tag formats between releases because of additional contributors, this is okay.  The poll we did a while back shows us that you really don't care about tag standardization and most of you change them after you download them anyway.  And they inevitably end up changing every couple years due to new technology (portable mp3 players, id3 tag standards improvement) and new APIs (last.fm).  We'll try and make sure that all releases contain track title, album title, album artist, performer (if applicable), composer, track number, disc number, total discs and comments.  Some releases may invariably have additional tags (<ARRANGEMENT>, <LYRICIST>), some may not.  Since you're retagging these and are generally indifferent about them anyway, this shouldn't be an issue.

Potential Future Changes Being Discussed

  • No more "Fix" releases: Barring some sort of major catastrophic typo in a release that requires a complete re-release of an album ("Final Fatnasy", "Nobo Uematsu"), we're probably not going to release fixes anymore.  We will note them in a post and you can update your files (if you care), and if you don't then don't.  If we typo "taht" or forget to lowercase a conjuction or we didn't strictly follow the track formatting on an album, then I think we can all live with it.
  • No more "Archive" releases: These literally kill our tracker and are a pain to package, validate and maintain.  If you want an older album and can't find it in an already existing archive torrent, previous batch torrent or on the tracker, then ask in IRC and someone may be able to help you.  Ultimately, our goal is not to give you an archive of thousands of albums of game music, it's to create a community that sparks discussion and interest in video game music.  With an improved release schedule, hopefully we'll see more activity and more than just a passing once-every-three-months interest.

Without further ado, we bring you the soundtrack to "Soul Sacrifice" for PS Vita.  It's composed by the legendary Yasunori Mitsuda and a lesser known but equally impressive Wataru Hokoyama (seriously, check out Afrika).  It's performed by The Skywalker Symphony Orchestra who some of you might recognize from inFAMOUS 2 and StarCraft II Heart of the Swarm.


Let us know your thoughts, concerns and comments about the album and the new release schedule, we're interested in what everyone thinks!

-- The Management

posted by dancey on 07 April

A Little Something Different

Hi folks, it's Godai. Anyone who knows me, knows I am a big Maaya Sakamoto fan, today is her birthday and her 15th Anniversary album collection has been released. I received my copy and am happy to share this with you guys, please give it a listen, especially if you enjoy Yoko Kanno, who composes a lot of her earlier works. If anyone archives our releases, this is NOT an official one.

posted by Godai on 31 March

Follow our busy (?) schedule on Twitter!

We had a release planned for this weekend folks, but the tracker has gone bonkers, hopefully we will clear that up and get it out there.  Meanwhile, follow us on Twitter!

posted by Godai on 17 May

Switchover complete!

We've finished moving to a new host. Some things may be slightly broken, so please bear with us.

posted by Brant on 01 February

Merry Christmas from #gamemp3s!

Hi everyone, I just wanted to post to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and apologize for the lack of updates, we've all been very busy during the holidays. Look forward to Dissidia and Professor Layton albums from us soon, in the meantime, go get them from somewhere less awesome (I kid!). Take care, everyone.

posted by Godai on 25 December

Updated SFVs, etc.

The SFVs for deathsmiles and Deltora Quest each had a file it shouldn't be checking for. Valkyria Chronicles also had an issue with one track. All of the fixes for these are here:

deathsmiles SFV
Deltora Quest SFV
Valkyria Chronicles

posted by Msia on 25 July

Final Destination, no items, Snake banned

Not a new release, but Basil has uploaded a high quality personal rip of Smash Bros Brawl to the tracker. The first torrent has all of the music from the game, while the Bonus torrent contains additional music from the other modes. You can get both in either VBR or FLAC using the links provided below:

Brawl VBR
Bonus VBR

Brawl FLAC
Bonus FLAC

posted by Msia on 01 July


Just wanted to post a small update regarding the releases (... or lack thereof) recently. Some of you may or may not know how we are currently organized, but the responsibilities involved with "releasing" has generally fallen on one person. It's quite a lot of work for one person to do and other responsibilities sometimes prevent us from being able to put the time in to prep a release.

We're trying to find a way to streamline the process to get more of our rippers and long-time members to be able to contribute more towards the process of releasing, but it is a work-in-progress. That being said, releases may be coming somewhat slower while we figure this out. We're not going anywhere and we're certainly not changing our methodologies or idealogies. We would appreciate your patience and understanding :D.

On a side note, we could really use the assistance of anyone who is fluent (read: fluent) in both Japanese and English to help us with translations for soundtracks that either do not have a translated tracklist available or have a translated tracklist that is just terrible and needs correction.

You can contact any of the @'s in the IRC channel or contact me via e-mail (jsutan @ gmail) if you can help

posted by dancey on 07 April

Re: Blackcats Games

More and more, people are taking our releases and posting them on Blackcats Games. Apparently, Blackcats does not allow you to mention other trackers (i.e. mention that you can get the album on a free ratio tracker). This is stupid. While I can't stop all of it, I don't want to see anymore of our releases posted on Blackcats. If it continues, I will look into blocking IPs.

posted by Godai on 13 October

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