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#gamemp3s Podcast 105 - It Doesn’t Cost $1,032,000 To Make a Zelda Soundtrack

It's been a while, but the #gamemp3s Podcast has returned! Lots of exciting topics to catch up on such as Twilight Princess, upcoming releases, hidden gems, and great Sonic the Hedgehog music to listen to. Enjoy and please let us know how terrible we are.

posted by Msia on 18 January

#gamemp3s Podcast 104 - the battle of your soul

Msia and I have finished another exciting (?) installment of our podcast. This one is pretty long, but if you skip through all the music I guess it's not that long...anyways, lots of random BS as always, we cover such topics as the death of Xenosaga, new albums on the way, Hidden Gems, and a public apology to Suzi Kim for calling her a man. Listen to the podcast for more.

posted by Godai on 06 September

RSS Feeds, Podcasts, and BitTorrent

We now have hosting for the podcasts, so you can download them directly instead of using BitTorrent. This means that you can also pass this RSS feed to iTunes, your PSP, or whatever other device/application you prefer to automatically fetch new episodes whenever they're available.

Incidentally, you can also use our "New Releases" RSS feed to download new releases as soon as we post them here. There are several BitTorrent clients out there that will allow you to automatically start new torrents from an RSS feed, but here's how to do it with ĀµTorrent, which happens to be my favorite.

First, simply add the URL of the RSS feed to the list...

uTorrent RSS tutorial #1

... Then add an entry to the Favorites tab to download every new release. The circled settings are what you need to pay attention to, everything else can be customized to your liking. Be sure to specify a folder to save the new stuff in.

uTorrent RSS tutorial #2

Azureus has a several RSS plugins as well, but since I'm not very familiar with them I won't post a walkthrough here. Enjoy!

posted by Brant on 08 August

#gamemp3s Podcast 103 - SPARKING

Back and better(?) than evar, it's time for the latest episode of the #gamemp3s Podcast! In tonights show, Godai and I talk about a variety of topics including the greatest vgm vocal song of all time (aka SPARKING), our mysterious absence, new VGM albums recently announced, Hidden Gems selected by us, and a whole lot more.

We also will be playing our Soundtrack Showcase throughout the program which is the incredible Tales of Legendia OST. As always we appreciate your feedback, so let us know what you think below. We're also still looking for a good name for the program so if you have any ideas, please send us a message at the podcast email to the left. Winner receives a free, brand new copy of the PS2 RPG, Wild Arms 4.


Wesker enjoys it and we hope you do too. :)

posted by Msia on 05 August

Justice For All

It's time for the latest episode of the #gamemp3s Podcast! This week, Godai and I talk about some of the past releases from us this week, albums coming very soon, and also a new segment called "Hidden Gems" where the two of us each have selected an album and two choice tracks from it for your listening pleasure. Theres also a new email just for the show which is to the left under the webmaster one. Please use that if you want to send us your thoughts, comments, and suggestions about this week show or you can always just post below. Also, we are giving away a new sealed copy of the Playstation 2 RPG game "Wild Arms 4". All the details are inside this weeks podcast :D

If you happened to miss it, you can listen to last week's episode right here, enjoy!

Fatal Fight on the Big Bridge

Hey everyone we are trying something new tonight. Godai and I just finished the first ever #gamemp3s podcast! We would like everyone to listen and check it out. We'd also like to hear everyone's comments, thoughts, and suggestions about the program. You can post below or if you want to you can email us on the webmaster address to the left. Thanks for listening!

Edit: A lot of people wonder where the music to the end came from. It's music from Lemmings that Godai and I were talking about. You can download it here.

posted by Msia on 04 June

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