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Persona Music Live again

Lately we released the extra CD that came with the second Persona Live DVD (4 tracks only).

It's a shame that Atlus never released the rest on actual audio CDs so let's hope you people will enjoy them as is, ripped from the DVDs.

Persona Music Live Velvetroom in Akasaka Blitz

Persona Music Live 2009 Velvetroom in Wel City Tokyo

posted by Kibbas on 06 August

What does a brother have to do to pacify a b**ch ?

Here's a new category where we'll be sharing what can't be "officially" released.
By that, I mean that some games simply don't have CD releases ... or no release at all !
That's where you may look and find the music you couldn't buy or didn't have the courage/time to rip yourself.
For my 1st post I'd like to share THotD Overkill which had great music but never got any kind of music release so far :(
I hope you'll enjoy it !

posted by Kibbas on 31 March

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